• Advanced care planning

  • Help completing tasks, “getting affairs in order”

  • Education regarding burial or cremation options

  • Education regarding green burial options and home funerals

  • Education and assistance with memorial options

  • Referrals for completing power of attorney and estate planning forms

End of Life Planning

  • Hourly respite care for families and caregivers

  • Companionship

  • Calm and helpful presence at the end of life

  • Household support as needed (petcare, errands, light housekeeping)

  • Organizing help (caregiving, meal support systems)

  • Scheduling help as needed & with specific tasks

  • Identifying community resources available

Respite Care & Logistical Support

  • Video, photography, journaling, letter writing, scrapbooking

  • Legacy letters

  • Support ritual/ gathering of friends and family

Life Review & Legacy Work

  • Organize and participate in presence during final days/hours

  • Help with creating and maintaining a peaceful environment with sounds, aromatherapy, lighting as appropriate and requested

Holding Vigil

  • Death Café

    • Free public “coffee and cake” to talk openly about death in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment

  • Community Education Events

    • Speaking engagements on end of life care and planning

    • Informational sessions on specific end of life topics

Community Events

  • What to expect in the dying process and disease progression

  • Education on medical code status (Full code, DNR-CC, DNR-CCA)

  • Assistance with living wills

  •  Steps to take before and after death for clients and families

  • Guidance for immediate care of the body after death

  • Assistance with preparations for a home funeral if desired

Death Education & Planning

  • Creating a soothing and peaceful environment

  • Guided visualization, meditation, aromatherapy

  • Companionship and emotional support

  • Music, reading, scripture as requested

Comfort Measures

  • Written and audio recordings used to create beautifully written memoir

  • Can be printed and bound as requested 

Memoir Creation

  • Maintaining focus on the dying person’s wishes and assistance to all parties involved to keep these wishes at the forefront in a difficult time

  • Liaison with medical personal, hospice team, care facilities, families, friends, and others as requested

Mediation & Advocacy